Our Values

Quality & Workmanship

More than 2 years ago, our founder, Sifundo Ndyebo Rabaza (SNR) realised that quality workmanship would increasingly become the only differentiator between construction companies. It is this early realisation that has driven our desire to be recognised for the quality of our workmanship, the materials we use and above all, our people. We undertake to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them. The concept of "doing it right the first time" is integral to total quality management. We are committed to achieve these high standards and all employees at all levels endeavour to commit to, and take responsibility for, achieving this goal.


The expression "Teamwork Builds Quality" was coined in 2012 and signalled a new phase in the company’s development. Teamwork and working as a collective actively subscribe to participative management, personified by the SNR Electrical concept. We see everybody involved in the construction process as part of the team: Client – Engineer – Clerk of Works – SNR Electrical cc– Sub–contractor – Supplier –Local Authority. Every one of us fulfils a certain role and has certain responsibilities. Together we can create something significant.

Participative Management

Today the concept of participative decision making is central to the company’s philosophy, and applies to every employee throughout the company. We believe that the key concept in participative management lies in effective communication. Our greatest challenge in business today is to create a culture in which employees see themselves as part of a winning team that has a common value system and a common set of goals. A participative management scheme not only has the potential to allow people to grow within the company, but also to allow people to feel that they have a contribution to make to the company’s future. Most important of all, it helps to build trust amongst employees.

Professionalism & Performance

No compromises. No shortcuts. Just hard work and high standards. We’re proud of our reputation for efficiency and we believe it’s the direct result of our hands on approach and careful integration of all our service components. Constant self–evaluation and appraisal of our services help us reaffirm and refine our core business. As the industry evolves, so do we. As technology changes, so do we. With one area of predictability: our unwavering commitment to quality and our desire to remain at the forefront of construction in South Africa.

Our Values

SNR employees developed a new value system for the company, and agreed on a set of principles that would embody the company’s ideal's:

1.  Teamwork builds quality.
2.  A satisfied client will determine our success.
3.  By communicating in a clear, frank and honest manner, proper execution and feedback is ensured.
4.  Recognition creates motivation.
5.  Trust will be established by encouraging honesty, sincerity and frankness.
6.  We respect each other at all times.
7.  We believe in participative decision–making to ensure proper planning.